January 8, 2017

The Process & Pricing


From your design sketches a 3D model will be quickly created. A model similar in detail to the watch in the image below (approx. 250 separate bodies/components. Internal components not modeled) would run for about 1400 EUR. Delivery time (for models with similar detail level) is approximately 4-5 working days. The quoted prize includes two rounds of revisions. Revision being a minor adjustment or change to the submitted model; not a complete change to the client’s initially provided and agreed upon design. Additional work, outside the scope of what is initially agreed upon, will be billed per my hourly rate (54 EUR). VAT is added to all prices if applicable. (* 1 EUR is approximately 1.13 USD)

Initial 2D sketch.

Completed 3D CAD model.



The completed and approved 3D model can be used to create photo-realistic renderings, for example to visualize possible colorways or used as marketing material. The model is given materials/textures as requested by the client. Prices start at 125 EUR per rendering for simple studio type packshots (excl. the prize of the 3D modeling). Click image for a high resolution version.

Finished rendering.


To better visualize the product or its functionality an animation can be produced. Simple turntable type animations like the first video below start at 525 EUR (excl. the price of the 3D modeling).

Click to play a sample video.

A more complex video like the exploding animation below would start at 2480 EUR (excl. the price of the 3D modeling).


Let’s say you have an idea for a product similar to what is displayed on this page. You need a 3D model, 4 studio style renderings and a simple turntable animation. The cost for this would be: (1400 + 4*125 + 525)EUR = 2425 EUR or 2728 USD. (VAT is added to the price if applicable.)

Discounts available for new clients as well as for start-ups, small businesses, freelancers, charities and students.

I am very flexible in my work and all aspects are negotiable, do not hesitate to get in touch.