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3D modeling service provider

Welcome to my site. I am a freelancer 3D modeler who specializes in providing product designers, game designers, architects, marketers, engineers and artists with high-quality 3D models that are done efficiently and delivered promptly.

Not so much a full-fledged design studio but rather a 3D specialist for hire. That is, when you have a clear vision and need to see it in 3D you have come to the right place. All you need to do, is send in your 2D sketches and any additional info and a 3D model will be created in a matter of days, not weeks.

The resulting 3D models can be further utilized in producing photo-realistic renderings and animations to better visualize the appearance or functionality of the product. Or the model can be used to produce an actual prototype by way of 3D printing, for example. At the moment, manufacturing-quality CAD data is not provided.

I am located in Turku, south-west of Finland. My clientèle ranges from North-America to Europe to Far East.

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